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About Our Business
Performance Interventions, Inc. focuses on performance improvement for public and
private organizations through the alignment of organizational goals and objectives with
learning and development.  Barriers to performance are identified and matched with
appropriate interventions to produce the desired results.

The company exists to help small to medium size businesses meet their business
objectives effectively and efficiently.
About Us
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Founder's Bio
Performance Interventions was founded by Marsha Marinich. It is her second small
business. Her first venture in 1980 was the first third-party information technology
company. This company, Future Enterprises, continued to 2001 when it was sold. It, too,
was a company that provided human capital performance interventions. It focused on
training and education interventions to introduce  the use of personal computers into the
workplace. This B2B company served more than 200 organizations and thousands of
learners and was instrumental in helping organizations apply information technology.
Ms. Marinich has a Master's degree in Educational
Leadership/Adult Education from the University of
Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She advanced to candidacy in
the PhD program in Information Technology at George
Mason. She is currently matriculating in a DBA
program in Business Administration at Argosy
University with research interests in strategic thinking,
performance improvement and management, and
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